Intervista’s new innovation toolkit course provides a convenient way to fast track your innovation team.
Using new media, this on-line educational program and ressources consists of four foundational modules designed
to align your team on key concepts. 

Your team will learn emerging practices and frameworks from leading experts. Including how to:

  • Develop breakthrough innovation strategies
  • Co-design client/citizen-centric products or services
  • Take advantage of open innovation approaches
  • Lead change and innovation

1. Strategic Innovation | 2. Co-creation Strategies | 3. Open Innovation | 4. Leading Change
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1. A Framework for Strategic Innovation

Managing the innovation process for strategic breakthroughs. This insightful weblecture, led by Derrick Palmer, will look at why organizations today are looking at innovation as a critical strategy for sustainable advantage and will provide a framework for understanding the nature of organizational innovation.

  • What’s the buzz about innovation?
  • Understanding the innovation continuum
  • Ten types of innovation: Thinking beyond products
  • A framework for Strategic Innovation
  • Creating a managed innovation process

Key takeaways:

  • 45-minute weblecture
  • Framework for managed innovation process

2. Co-creation Strategies for Breakthrough Innovation

When potential users collaborate closely with designers and researchers at the very beginning of the innovation process, deep insights into people’s needs can be recognized. This initial phase, known asthe “fuzzy front-end”, is characterized by its divergent and exploratory nature. Often, it is not knownwhether the innovation outcome will be a new service, product, process, delivery channel, business model and so forth, or combinations of these.

In this weblecture, led by Liz Sanders, we will review the wide range of activities in the fuzzy
front-end, and its increasing importance in creating viable innovation outcomes. Team members will
learn how to use co-creation strategies and tools for breakthrough innovation.

  • What is the “fuzzy front-end” of innovation?
  • Changing roles in open innovation
  • User-centered strategies for uncovering real needs
  • Design-led strategies for anticipating future needs
  • Towards co-creation and co-design strategies
    • The customer and citizen as partners in a human-centered process
  • A first look at real world co-creation
    • Getting the experience right in the health sector

Key takeaways:

  • 45-minute weblecture
  • User-led and designer-led innovation approaches
  • Co-creation assessment tool

3. Open Innovation: Co-creation in a Connected World

Accelerating business cycles and the need for faster customer-centric solutions is resulting in a trend towards more open innovation. This research report, authored by Inte Cinite, will review the core concepts of open innovation as well as organizational implications such as business models, structure and people. The report will also review the benefits and challenges of creating and leading in a collaborative ecosystem.

  • Getting past the ‘not invented here’ precepts
  • Making the decision to pursue open innovation
  • Sources : From lead-user to suppliers to crowd sourcing
  • Implications of open business models
  • Managing the open organization and enabling technologies
  • Making it work: Innovation metrics and more

Key takeaways:

  • researchreport
  • User-led and designer-led innovation approaches

4. Leading Change

In this innovationcultures pod cast, Teresa Di Cairano, Intervista’s Innovation & Design Director, interviews Allan Jones, PhD – consultant with and expert in leading organizational change. This timely conversation provides valuable insight into leading innovation in organizations:

  • Leading change and change management: What’s the difference anyway?
  • Beyond command and control: Future-making and leading the unknown
  • Deep knowledge approaches to leadership: Navigating between the conscious & unconscious mind
  • Emergence Vs process: Beyond boxes and arrows to leading an innovative culture

Key takeaways:

  • In-depth podcast provides key insight into how to avoid common mistakes in leading change

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Program Overview

1. Strategic Innovation
2. Co-creation Strategies
3. Open Innovation
4. Leading Change

"Great session and informative to the legislative reform agenda we are embarked on (towards a results based regulatory framework)"
Kevin Murphy
Director, Program Evaluation & Performance Measures Office
Ministry of Environment

"Thanks to the presenter and team - Great stuff!"
Jean Desforges
Director, New Product Development, BD&L
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

"Thank you for the excellent webinar and look forward to participating in future sessions"
Kayan Fu
Director of Nursing Innovation and Change Management
St. Michael's Hospital

Derrick PalmerDerrick Palmer
Derrick Palmer is a member of the Intervista faculty and leading consultant on breakthrough strategy, new product and service innovation, as well as designing and instituting best-in-class innovation processes.

Liz SandersLiz Sanders, PhD
Liz Sanders is a member of the Intervista faculty member as well as expert in the field of co-creation. She is a visionary in applied design research, having introduced many of the tools, techniques and methods being used today to drive and/or inspire design from a human-centered perspective.

Inta CiniteInta Cinite, PhD
Inta is a research associate with IntervistaInstitute as well as consultant, educator and researcher in the areas of organizational behavior, organizational change management, cross-cultural management and human resource management.

Allan JonesAllan Jones, PhD
Dr. Allan Jones is an Intervista faculty member and consultant with 20 years experience providing organizational change and development, leadership and management, organizational assessment, strategic planning and business process improvement.

Teresa Di CairanoTeresa Di Cairano
Co-founder of the Intervista Institute, Teresa Di Cairano is the research and editorial lead for Intervista’s executive education and knowledge media programs.

Mick KahanMick Kahan
Mick is a research consultant with Intervista Institute. He is also a consultant in researching and quantifying the skills and competencies required for complex technical jobs.


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